Prayer for Those in Armed Forces

Heavenly Father, be with our men and women as they serve our country. When they are faced with danger, give them the courage of Michael the Archangel, who was victorious over evil. When our soldiers are faced with difficult choices give them the discernment of St. Martin of Tours, the soldier who remembered to aid the meek and helpless. When our soldiers are injured or forced to the sidelines, give them the guidance you gave to St. Ignatius of Loyola, who turned a time of pain and recovery from a war wound into a new life of trust in you.


A Call to Holiness: A Retreat With Pope Francis

God is calling us to be saints, Pope Francis tells us in his recent document, “Rejoice and Be Glad: A Call to Holiness in Today’s World.” Through Pentecost Sunday, May 20,  MISSIO offers an email retreat with Pope Francis (in English and Spanish). These emails feature Pope Francis’ inspiring insights, informative teachings and invitations to active involvement and growth on the path toward holiness. Sign up for the series of emails (three times a week, plus one on Pentecost Sunday; 13 emails in total). For additional information