Religious Education, SUMMER PROGRAM

The dates for the Summer Program 2019 are August 4th through August 18th, from 8:30AM to 1:00PM, Monday thru Friday and the three Sunday 9:30AM Masses on 8/4, 8/11 and 8/18. Grades 4 thru 7 are eligible and the fee is $250.00 per child.  The Religious Education Department is looking for volunteers (8th grade and up) to come in and help us prepare for the Summer Program which begins on August 4th. If interested, please give us a call.
The hours are 12PM to 2PM Monday thru Thursday. For those students in need of community service, this
counts towards it and we will be happy to fill out the appropriate paperwork.

Summer Program T-shirts for students, helpers and teachers will be ready for pick up Monday,
July 1st through Thursday, August 1st from 11AM to 4PM on the second floor in the St. Theresa Room.
Class assignments are given out at that time. Tuesday, July 30th, there will be a Summer Program Teachers Meeting in the St. Jude Room on the second floor at 7:00PM. Please make every effort to attend as this is the only meeting we are going to