Christmas Season Thank You’s 2020

Christmas Season Thank Yous 2020

  • Many thanks to Mike Brennan, the Saint Vincent DePaul Society; Sister Kay McCarthy and Outreach and all their volunteers for their dedicated and untiring work this Christmas Holiday Season. Your generosity benefits so many here and in other communities in ways we can hardly imagine.
  • Dolores Tiernan who helped make our Christmas Bonus 50/50” such a success. A parishioner and the Parish are very grateful!
  • Fathers Benet and Joseph; Deacon Carmine DiStefano for their dedication to the service of Christ and His people in the sacraments and at the altar.
  • Lee Forsythe and our special vocalists and instrumentalists for the beautiful music of our Christmas Masses.
  • Nancy Murtha who does our bulletin and tries to keep me up to date with the deadlines.
  • Mary Augusta and her merry elves” who set up our Crèche and decorated our sanctuary so beautifully.
  • Our Usher, Lectors and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion !
  • Lou Flores for his extra work at this time of year!
  • Bettyanne Russo and the Parish office workers and receptionists who handled the many inquiries and extra work of the holiday season with patience and good spirits.
  • Last but not least, to all of you for your example of Catholic faith, kindness and generosity to me, your priests, and your Parish. All of us are grateful for the good wishes, gifts, and goodies” of this Christmas Season with which you have blessed us!

Father Hewes