A Letter from Our Pastor-12.20.21

December 20, 2021

Dear member of St. Matthew’s Parish, 

As we near Christmas we forward this recent communication from the Diocese regarding the latest Covid-related State mandates: 

“The New York State website FAQ’s that accompany the Governor’s directives regarding masks now includes “houses of worship”.    

Therefore, since Churches will not be requiring parishioners to present proof of vaccination, we ask that the following announcement be clearly communicated to parishioners through your normal means of communication:   

The Governor of New York State has included houses of worship in her recent directives. Therefore, since the Church does not require parishioners to present proof of vaccination in order to worship God, we ask that all parishioners (two years of age and older) comply with the requirement to wear masks when participating in any activities on parish grounds. This State requirement is currently in effect through January 15, 2022. We will continue to adapt accordingly as new information becomes available. Your patience and Christian charity towards one another during this difficult time is appreciated.”    

For your information: Priests and any other clergy / assistants may wear masks while processing in / out and while distributing Holy Communion. Please encourage all parishioners, especially volunteers / ushers, to be patient and charitable towards all. It is not the responsibility of any individual to police / enforce State regulations.”

 Father Hewes