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“Outrage” and indignation are certainly an increasing reaction to things if they do not go our way.

Well, I am outraged.

Outraged by a story currently on Lifesite News  found at

It concerns a recent event held at GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY in Washington DC,  the country’ “oldest Jesuit and Catholic university.”

It was billed as ” Dismantling Reproductive Injustices: The Hyde Amendment and Criminalization of Self-Induced Abortion”. Under that jargon, it was a session in which pro-abortion speakers decried restrictions on Federal funding for abortion and “do it at home”non-surgical abortions. In other words, a PRO-ABORTION symposium at , again, let me say it: the country’s “oldest Jesuit and Catholic university.”

You can find the full story on Lifesite News website.

If I were an alumnus I would not give one penny to this institution.



A fable for Halloween.

A totally imaginary dialogue between two priests.



–         Well, George, what’s this I hear about you hopping a plane to Sweden?

–         YES! I’m very excited, never been there before!

–         Going to be cold this time of year.

–         Really, well, it’s a BIG event!

–         The Nobel Prizes?

–         No!! Going to Lund to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the start of the Reformation!

–         You mean, LUTHER and all that?

–         Yes, I want to accompany them!

–         But, George, we’re CATHOLICS. Luther broke the Church apart, denied the Seven Sacraments, prayers for the dead,

         and started all that chaos in society.

–         Oh? Well… that was a long time ago.

–         Yes, George, I know. Of course we are courteous to Protestants as individuals and as Christians, but the THING itself was a disaster.

–         Oh, really?

–         Well, George, maybe where you come from there weren’t any Protestants, at least until recently. You DO know of course that

          well-financed, well-organized, “missionaries” are flooding into your part of the world from America, both “Born Agains” and  

          Mormons, specifically to convert your Catholic nation into their religions? Right?

–         CONVERT??? No, no!! That is proselytism, solemn nonsense, venom on the path of ecumenism!

–         Well, George, maybe that’s what YOU think, but THEY don’t seem to see it what way. THEY see it as “gaining souls for Christ”.

          You know, like WE used to say before we got all modern and ecumenical.

–         But, surely, there is something of value in those 500 hundred years?

–         Yes, some pretty good music for sure, you know Bach, Buxtehude, Anglican chant, and so forth.

–         Well, Robert, you know I’m not some sort of Renaissance prince. I have no time for concerts.

–         Yes, George, I know, you keep telling me that.

–         So, you’re not going with me?

–         No, George, I’m not.

–         Why?

–         Well, George, some of my ancestors came from Ireland and Wales, others from Sweden actually as well. My people lost the Mass,

          the Sacraments, their parish churches, some their homes, farms , even their freedom and lives all because of what Luther started.

          No, George, as we say here “Count me out!”

–         But, but…

–         I know, “throwing stones. Rigidity…etc…” I’ve heard it all before.

–         Yes, and perhaps you have no MERCY in your heart!!!!

–         George, my own father converted to our Faith, perhaps he caught a whiff of the Truth that we Catholics, I hope, possess.

          Nope, no Luther “celebrations” for me, George. Have a safe flight.





A timely reflection….again.

The Lifesite News website is worth visting on a regular basis. The article cited above is  thought provoking, as it ought to be.

I pass it along for your own reflections and, I hope, renewed prayers for our increasingly troubled and confused Church.


The Day before and the Day after

The day before and the day after


I write this on the evening of September 11.

For us the shorthand “9/11” has entered into our lexicon.

This fifteenth anniversary of all that 9/11 means leads me to reflect on the days before and after in our Liturgical Calendar. If we examine those dates we see an interesting theme.


September 10th was until 1969 the feast throughout the Roman Catholic Church of St. Nicholas of Tolentino, a medieval Augustinian Friar who spent many years preaching and celebrating the Sacraments. A feature of his life and spirituality was a deep devotion to the Souls in Purgatory and the need of the faithful on earth to pray earnestly for the release of those caught by death suddenly and unexpectedly into the joys of Heaven. He also preached about preparing for a good and holy death. He was graced with the foreknowledge of the date of his death and for days heard Angels singing as the day approached and arrived.  He died on September 10, 1305 and was canonized in 1446.  In the liturgical reforms of 1969 he was regarded as not being “of universal significance” and his feast was removed from the General Calendar. However, he is STILL a canonized Saint and venerated in Tolentino in Italy and in churches and institutions named in his honor.


September 12th was, and still is, the feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary. Like the feast of St. Nicholas of Tolentino the feast was removed from the calendar in 1969 but happily restored by Pope Saint John Paul II in 2002. As we all know, that Pope had a deep love and veneration for Mary. The feast is of course devotional and part of the Church’s extolling of the Blessed Virgin. However, the date, September 12th, is no accident. It was on that date in 1683 that a Christian army under the leadership of the King of Poland, John Sobieski, and Charles Duke of Lorraine attacked and routed a vast Turkish army that had been besieging the city of Vienna. The army of the Sultan had come to destroy the capital of the Habsburg Holy Roman Emperor and to begin the long-awaited Islamic conquest of Christian Europe. The crushing defeat of the Turks marked the high water mark of Ottoman jihad against the Catholic Church and Papacy. Not again for over 400 years would militant Islamism pose a serious threat to the culture and religion of the West.

It has been said that there are “no coincidences for a believer”.

Surely these to feasts, before and after September 11th, give us food for thought and prayer. A declining and increasingly desiccated and religionless West seems not to know how to meet the latest challenge today.

Let us fall back on the powerful “weapons” of our ancient and enduring Faith.