Transplant Recipient Int'l.

As the transplantation of bodily organs becomes increasingly more prevalent in our society, it serves as a tremendous source of hope and encouragement to many grateful individuals who desperately require transplant surgery.

While there are many transplant procedure success stories, a great number of others unfortunately must face the sad reality that not enough viable organs are being donated which could save lives.

The Transplant Recepient International Organization (TRIO), which convenes once a month here at St. Matthew, is a support group consisting of past and future transplant recipients and their families who have and will endure this threatening, but potentially life saving procedure. The TRIO group is often privileged to be addressed by caring physicians who volunteer their time to impart their specialized knowledge of the transplantation procedure, post-operative medication as well as other general healthcare concerns.

As a special family of survivors, the members of TRIO share each other's health related obstacles and triumphs on the long road to recovery. We encourage those who feel compelled to give the gift of life. Please donate an organ to those in need.

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