Youth Ministry

The church, from the beginning, has recognized the vital role teenagers have played in the life of the church. Let us take a quick look at a few of the teens who helped build the church.

John Mark was a teen when he left loved ones to join Paul and Barnabas on their first missionary journey. This is the same Mark who later wrote the Gospel of Mark.

Timothy was a teen when he left home to go with Paul and Simon on two missionary journeys. At the age of 20, Timothy took on the leadership role at Ephesus as Paul left to form the new Churches.

St. Jerome was a teen when he began to study scripture. He reasoned correctly, that since he has made Christ Lord of his life, he should know all he could about the nature and attributes of Christ. To this day, Jerome is honored and respected throughout Christendom. His insight on biblical commentary continues to be a source used and quoted.

Think of this for a moment. If your generation is not equipped with knowledge and understanding of the essential truths of our faith; how effective will your generation be in being light and salt in the world?

The church is calling all teenagers to take up their role as adult members of the body of Christ. You have a ministry in this world, among your peers, in school, at work and in the church. In this new millennium you can be a force for good in this world. The study of scripture will equip you with knowledge and understanding of the essential truths of our faith. It will also equip you for every good work which God has called you to. You are ambassadors of Christ in this world. You are the light of this world. The Church is challenging teens not to hide the Light of Christ under a basket because of ignorance and fear.

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