A Letter from our Pastor

Dear friends,

Tomorrow, September 21st, is the Feast day of Saint Matthew, our Patron Saint.

We will however observe his liturgical feast on Sunday the 26th at the 11 AM High Mass.

One of the things, among so many, that have been affected by the Covid pandemic and all the precautions and restrictions, has been the removal of Holy Water from the fonts at the doors of the church. There is an understandable unease about many fingers dipping into the same bowl of water.

In response to a welcome suggestion, the Parish is providing bottles of Holy Water as a gift that will be available next weekend at the doors of the church, ONE per family to take home and keep for your own use. ( As ever, Holy Water is available in the two big vessels, one at the main entrance to the church, and the other to the left front of the church by the Blessed Mother statue.)

This is, I think, a nice way of observing our Patron Saint’s feast.

Another Covid matter is the omission of the formal “Sign of Peace” from our Masses. This omission will continue, leaving it up to individuals and families to decide whether or not to shake hands or otherwise touch. I notice many are exchanging various greetings at the “Pax” spontaneously. It is entirely up to you, and I neither encourage, nor discourage this “grass roots” practice.

God’s blessings,
Father Hewes