CYO Travel Basketball

St. Matthew Roman Catholic Church in Dix Hills offers travel basketball to the children of the local community in association with the Nassau Suffolk CYO program. Children of all religious faiths are welcome to participate in our travel program subject to the geographic eligibility requirements of the CYO program.

St. Matthew CYO Travel basketball 2022-23 Season

*Coaches interested in forming teams should contact; or See below for details*

We are very excited for the upcoming season. After an incredibly successful 2022-23 season and we are ready for the new season!

CYO travel programs for grades 4-8 is comprised of 3 divisions (A, B & C)

  • Boy’s registration and rosters due October 12. Season starts November 18.
  • Girl’s registration and rosters due September 19. Season starts October 14.
  • 12 game season plus playoffs for qualifying teams
  • High school program is comprised of two divisions for 9/10 and 11/12 grade. There is one level of play in each division.
  • The season consists of 10 games and playoffs if eligible.
  • Fall Boys/Girls HS registration and rosters due August 29. Season starts September 16.
  • Boys winter season registration and rosters due December 5. Season starts January 5. No player on a JV or varsity roster is eligible to participate in the winter program.
  • Tryouts not required. Roster must meet eligibility requirements.

Travel Registration   

CYO Travel Coaches Registration Form

 St. Matthew CYO Travel Tryout Schedule 2022-23 – St. Matthew Gymnasium

If and when we have coaches looking to field a team for the following age groups, we will post tryout dates as far in advance as possible. High school team can be formed without a tryout. However, if players are needed tryouts will be posted

  • 4th Grade Boys Travel tryout,
  • 4th Grade Girls Travel tryout
  • 5th Grade Boys Travel tryout,
  • 5th Grade Girls Travel tryout
  • 6th Grade Boys Travel tryout ,
  • 6th Grade Girls Travel tryout
  • 7th Grade Boys Travel tryout,
  • 7th Grade Girls Travel tryout
  • 8th Grade Boys Travel tryout
  • 8th Grade Girls Travel tryout

Registration: Eligibility is per CYO guidelines; which can be found below. Players must register and submit payment online prior to their tryout in order to be eligible for selection on a travel team.

Eligibility: CYO travel program is available to boys and girls grades 4-12. Eligible participants must be St. Matthew parishioners or live within the St. Matthew parish boundaries. If you do not meet these CYO requirements, you will need to obtain a waiver exemption from your local parish. Teams will be formed provided try outs are held and a minimum of 8 eligible players can form a roster.

Fees:                – Travel Registration$225, travel uniform $60 

                            –  Uniform must be requested and fees must be paid at the time of registration. 

                            – Register for both travel and intramural for $400, SAVE $50-75 (registration is required on both the travel and intramural sites)



Anyone interested in coaching a boys and/or girls CYO Travel team for St. Matthew should contact  and

All coaches are required to complete the following prerequisites;

  • Background check
  • Protecting God’s Children course ( A copy of course certificate must be submitted to Athletic Director upon completion. 
  • CYO sanctioning course (This must be taken before the end of the season. You cannot coach in the playoffs without it)

Please refer to the following documents for additional information on the eligibility requirements.

Download CYO Travel Eligibility Policy

Download St. Matthew Parish Boundary Map

All players must wear the travel uniform (jersey and shorts) to all games. Players who played in the prior year travel program may re-use their uniforms if so desired. New uniforms may be purchased for $60. Uniforms can be paid for when you register. They will not be distributed until players have been selected and placed on a roster. Additional sale dates will be published when determined.

Forms can be found in the church bulletin, outside the gymnasium or downloaded from below,

To download an informational flyer click here