Bible Study

As members of the body of Christ, our goals are to grow in full maturity of Faith, hope and love for God. The study of scripture is an excellent tool for us to use in developing a deeper relationship with God. Come join us and grow more intimate with God who is the creator and sustains all life.

Some of us would say, “Why is the study of Scripture so important in our lives?” Let us examine what our church leaders have said concerning the study of Scripture:

St. Jerome, perhaps the greatest scholar of the Roman Catholic Church wrote in the 4th century: “That knowledge of the Scriptures is the knowledge of Christ.” In his mind, the Scriptures are the main source of an intimate and growing relationship with Christ. Indeed, true knowledge and true understanding of the teachings of Christ are seeds which lead us to true wisdom which comes from God. Just as good food gives us strength and nourishment, so does the word of God strengthen and nourish our spirits and souls.

Vatican II said this concerning the study of Scripture: “In the sacred books the Father who is in heaven meets his children with great love and speaks intimately with them. The force and power in the word of God is so great that it remains the support and energy of the Church, and the source of spiritual food for His sons and daughters.

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