Feed the Poor Ministry

On the third Saturday here at St. Matthew a group of people get together and make a difference in the lives of some very needy people. At about 8 A.M. people bring wrapped sandwiches they have made at home, individual bags of chips, homemade goods, or 12 packs of canned soda. Some drop off packaged cookies, or napkins, or even toiletries like mini shampoos, mouthwash etc. Tons of clothes are donated. We now even accept cooked foods in catering trays to be heated when get to the city.

For over fifteen years, this merry band of volunteers has wrapped up all the generosity of this parish each and every third Saturday and has taken it the Bellevue Men’s Shelter on first avenue and twenty-ninth in the streets next to Bellevue Hospital Shelter.    How would you like to join us?

Sometimes writing a check to your favorite charity doesn’t cut it.

Sometimes you want to get involved and express your desire to help the poor. You don’t even have to go the city with us. A commitment equal to your wishes could be fulfilled.

Make a few wrapped sandwiches of beef baloney and cheese or peanut butter and jelly.  Bring the food, etcetera to Msgr.Goggin hall and young and old volunteers (“the ‘A’ team”) fix hundreds of bag lunches to be transported by (“the ‘B’ team”) to the city.

You can join the A and B teams if you wish to experience the whole effort. Parents would have to accompany minors to the city.

Some transportation is available. You can follow in caravan style to the shelter with your own vehicle. We find parking spaces some where on the street in front of the site. We generally get back about one thirty P.M.

This is a wonderful way for young people to fulfill their requirements for confirmation or the honor society. Bring any forms they need signed the morning they volunteer.

Remember, you can buy chips, puddings, soda, cereal bars during your monthly run to COSTCO and flag it for the homeless. Your help or donation lights up the lives of these marginalized folks.

Be inspired by the kindness and generosity of our parish and join us in this way to lighten the sting of poverty and homelessness. There is a place for you in this ministry. For more info call:

Frank Harnos 631-499-0074  or  Julie Maddaloni 631-242-2183