Altar Servers

To view the Altar Server Schedule, please download the Ministry Scheduler Pro app from itunes or Google Playstore.  You will receive your login ID and password after your child is trained.  Please contact Porzia and John DiGiorgio by email (link to: with any issues or questions.

Altar Server Reminder

You must arrive at church 15 minutes before you serve (this includes Sunday masses, weddings, holy days, Communions, Confirmations, etc.) this will also give you time to pick a cassock that fits you properly. You must hang up the cassock in the same spot you took it from after you serve.

DRESS CODE: NO SNEAKERS! Also, no open back shoes or sandals. Hair must be combed and anyone with long hair must have it tied back. Your hands and fingernails must also be clean.


  1. Candles on the altar are to be lit
  2. Cruets should be full
  3. Priest’s chalice is out
  4. Finger bowl and towel are out
  5. Book is on the seat next to the priest
  6. Decide who will carry the cross. If you are carrying the cross, walk slowly.
  7. Decide who will carry the candles
  8. Decide who will carry the Book of Intentions
  9. Decide who will stay on the altar at offertory to prepare altar with the chalice and the book (only if there is a Deacon present)
  10. Decide who will offer the wine, water and finger bowl. Place towel on left arm when holding finger bowl
  11. You must bow your head slightly when the priest gives you back the cruets and also when you are finished with the finger bowl
  12. It is only necessary for 2 servers to be on the altar doing the wine and the water; the others should go down to the side where the bells are
  13. Decide who will ring the bells
  14. Pass behind the priest when passing him on the altar. Always bow your head every time you pass the Tabernacle
  15. The communion plate is only to be used when Communion is given out at the railing.
  16. When the Tabernacle doors are still open after Communion, you should stand by your seat until the doors are closed (even if the priest sits). Bow your head when the Tabernacle is being closed
  17. Keep your hands joined when walking and standing. They should be held up by your chest. Also, one hand should be by your heart when presenting the cruets and using the communion plate.

REMEMBER: There should be no unnecessary talking or joking during mass. Try not to yawn and play with your fingers while sitting on the altar. The parishioners are watching you! Pay close attention to prayers, readings, and the priest’s sermon.

Altar Server Registration Click here to for a printable form and then click the icon
After downloading it, please fill out all of the information and bring it to the Parish Center
You may Email us.

When you attend mass on Sundays and see the children up on the altar assisting the priests, have you ever thought to yourself that maybe you could do that! Well, if you have received your First Holy Communion then you have achieved the requirement. Altar serving is for both girls and boys. On becoming an Altar Server, you are now a member of a special group of children. Besides serving Sunday mass, you will serve Holy Days, Weddings, special masses at Christmas and during the Lenten season, First Holy Communion, Confirmation and other special masses during the year. You may say “How do I learn all of this?” Well, we do all of the training, which usually takes two weeks (three days a week for 1 1/2 hrs. each day). When you are ready, you will begin serving on a regular schedule. The schedule is a 6-week schedule of which you can be assigned 4-6 weeks depending on how much you are needed. We work with you as far as scheduling around sports, vacations, dance, etc. You pick the mass which your family frequently attends.

So, are you ready? If so, then please click the icon
After downloading it, please fill out all of the information and bring it to the Parish Center
You may Email us.