Arrangements should be made at least 6 months in advance and should be made prior to making plans for a reception. Call the Parish Center for an appointment with a priest.  All couples are required to attend Pre-Cana.

There are two forms of our Catholic wedding Liturgy:

The Wedding or Nuptial Mass:

Often referred to as a “full Mass” it is the celebration of the Mass with the wedding ceremony inserted in the middle of the Liturgy.

It presupposes both parties practicing Catholics and receiving Holy Communion after a proper spiritual preparation.

The Wedding Ceremony:

This has all the elements of the above (music, readings, vows, etc.) but without the celebration of Mass. This form is suitable for general congregations and is of shorter duration than the above.


PLEASE NOTE: Nuptial Masses are NOT celebrated on Sundays. The ONLY exception is the case that a visiting priest is invited by the family and approved by the Pastor is willing to offer a Nuptial Mass on Sunday.